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butte medical dispensary
Grown in Butte, MT

Mining City Medical is a locally owned and operated medical marijuana dispensary in Butte, MT. Our primary focus is the well-being of our patients.  We provide high quality medicinal cannabis and other natural health care services. Our goal is to provide the best service and quality in Montana at the most affordable prices. All of our product is grown locally in accordance with the legal constructs of the new legislation to provide a stable resource of top quality marijuana for licensed patients. We promote holistic and natural healing and healthy living with the best quality and selection of organic cannabis in the region.


We welcome you to come by our comfortable, discrete dispensary and talk to our helpful staff and see for yourself ...our service, quality, and prices can't be beat!

Butte medicinal dispensary
Actual product grown in Butte by the Wizard of Weed

All of our cannabis is grown with care 100% organically in Butte by the "Wizard of Weed."

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Mining City Medical

511 East Front St.

Butte, MT 59701

(406) 498-1778

Wizard of Weed, Butte, MT

Mining City Medical's product is grown locally in Butte by the Wizard of Weed. The Wizard takes great pride in growing quality, organic strains in accordance with current Montana law.